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An asphalt driveway is a significant investment that requires regular maintenance by qualified professionals.

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When asphalt starts to crack, give All American Paving as one of USA’s most established and trustworthy asphalt and paving companies.

As a result of providing superior customer service, quality workmanship, and transparency, we have built a reputation and good reputation based on trust. Our expertise in acquiring and practicing strategic asphalt methods has been passed down from generation to generation, coupled with modern equipment and tools, so you can feel secure that your asphalt repairs are in the hands of qualified professionals.

Left unrepaired, potholes and asphalt failures can compound drastically over time. Asphalt patching is a quick and cost-effective method of repairing cracks or small potholes.

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Asphalt Road Repair


Asphalt overlays are a good way to rejuvenate your parking lot or driveway. We prepare the old surface and then provide a fresh asphalt coating on top.


Asphalt patching is a cost-effective way to repair your asphalt surface. By repairing potholes, low areas, or broken sections, you get an instant improvement in look and safety while preventing further silica damage and soil erosion.

Pothole Repairs

A pothole is caused by a vulnerable area in the gravel that lies beneath the pavement. As traffic passes over the weak spot in the pavement, the asphalt collapses from weight, causing further damage.

Crack Filling

Crack filling and sealing is essential for preserving the longevity of your asphalt surface. Water can penetrate cracks and weaken the sub-base, and crack filling and sealing are essential in preserving your pavement’s longevity.

Seal Coating

A seal coating of asphalt is often the best type of protection for your asphalt. Our high-quality asphalt sealer and our commercial equipment provides exceptional protection against harmful elements. Extend the life of your asphalt while bringing it back to like-new condition at a reasonable cost.

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The parking lots may require resurfacing if they are to meet the highest possible safety, performance, and appearance standards. We will provide you with proven strategies that fit your budget and repair needs.


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