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Are you planning to pave your church parking lot? Does your church parking lot need repairs?

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All American Paving is more than willing to deliver the highest caliber of service. All we do is prioritize customer satisfaction. To do that, we are professional and transparent throughout the entire process.

It is our commitment to provide service that is beyond just the surface that makes us stand out from other companies. The service provided by us include:

  • Repairing potholes
  • Sealcoating
  • Lining stripes
  • Repair Services for Winter Asphalt

​We offer asphalt resurfacing services that can be completed with minimal disruption to your crowd, and you will be glad that you did. Call us today to see how we can improve the parking lot parking of your congregation.

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What You Need to Know About Church Parking Lot Paving


Improve The Safety Of Your Members

Churches have become increasingly diverse. Are seniors able to safely walk or drive on the church parking lot? Do your sidewalks meet the safety requirements for pedestrians? What about any members with disabilities? Consider putting in the pavement on the church parking lot if you think you can do anything longer-term to improve the parking lot.

Membership Growth

Contributes to membership growth

Church members should welcome new members. However, a messy exterior could turn off new members.

Have you surveyed new members about how they feel about your building? Consider having your church parking lot repaved to make it much more inviting on the outside.

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Increases The Value Of Your Property

Is your church’s membership growing? Being prepared for new growth is always beneficial, so don’t put off getting your current property improved.

If you already have a large congregation, maybe you need to sell your property. And church parking lot paving could improve its value.

Church Parking Lot Paving with All American Paving Company

Throughout the years, All American Paving Company has enjoyed great success serving local churches maintaining their property.

The churches provide for the religious needs of the community and offer meeting space for the meetings as well. However, since church facilities are often used for so many purposes, parking lots tend to get neglected.

With its experts, All American Paving provides church leaders with a detailed repair and maintenance plan according to priorities and budgets. They routinely work with facility managers and congregation leaders to create preventative maintenance plans and understand the challenges that church leaders face.


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